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March 28,




To ensure the safety and well-being of our guests, staff and animals
Uncle Donald's Farm is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.
We hope to be able to see you soon.


Remember the good old days when everyone spent some time "down on the farm"? You could visit with the animals, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Everyone can have a chance to visit a real farm  - UNCLE DONALD'S FARM.

Where else can you milk a goat, pet a bristly pig, touch a chicken, or feed a cow? Since 1980 our family owned farm has allowed visitors to pet and feed a variety of animals and see wildlife up close. Hand feed our beef cattle, watch for llamas and ostriches on the hayride.

The poultry patch includes many "heritage" breeds of chickens, including Jersey Giants, New Hampshire and lots of fancy bantams. It is like the county fair, only this display is open all year.

The wildlife display is currently home to deer, birds of prey, tortoises and exotic animals. The old red barn even has a baby alligator on display. After all, it is Florida.

That is why we say "We are more than a petting farm, we are almost a zoo!"

Licensed by USDA, FWC & USFWS.



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